Digital You Need for Your Home Business

Digital Tools are the Key to Your Success

You may think you know all the digital tools you need including a website and social media. These tools are just the tip of the iceberg of what is possible. Tools can also include things like free generator tools where you go online and do things like create a logo or create a book cover or even create a business idea. Finding these and other digital resources is as easy as doing a keyword search with your favorite search engine.

Realize Your Dream

It is always about going back to the core idea of your business which is to solve a problem that your audience has. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is by thinking about your own business challenges and get crystal clear on what your obstacles are. Next you come up up with an innovative idea to move the challenges aside and let you begin to realize your dream.

Test Your Business Idea

Before you sink any of your money into a new business idea, test it first. One way you can do this is to go to a question board on which users ask questions regarding businesses they want to launch or have already launched and need help making them happen. If you register as an expert for such a site, you can then begin to help folks online with their business issues. Once you find out a question that gets asked again and again, chance are you have found the key to solving a problem many members of your audience has. Now you can start using digital tools to start your digital home business!

John Yianni Stamas Interview About the Importance of Digital Technologies

John Yianni Stamas of USA Make a Difference talks about the role that a positive outlook of hope combined with digital is the recipe for success for America.


What is your connection to USA Make a Difference and how are you using “digital” to work toward empowering our country?


Sometimes in science fiction movies, technology is portrayed as an evil force overtaking us as human beings as the lines blurr. I’m not saying that this eventually could not happen, but for the moment digital is our friend. You know that being that you are from Home Business Digital.


How is digital our friend?


Digital is just a tool, and like any tool, the tool can’t build the house. You need to gain the knowledge about using these tools. Sites like your can help disseminate information on how to empower your career, small business, startups or solopreneur venture with the conscious use of digital.


You seem to be involved with many organizations throughout the internet. Can you tell us more about that?

Yeah, I have a lot of interests so I find myself involved with many different organizations such as yours. This desire to create using many different tools can be a blessing or a curse. A curse when I over extend myself, but a blessing when the tools come together for a result.

What Now with the City?

A City with Kinks

People outside of “The City” ask me what is going on with New York. Mostly folks seem interested in whether or not Manhattan is on its way back to normal? The answer I usually give is that it is still the greatest city in the world but it definitely has some kinks.

Danger Danger

For example, I have a doctor’s appointment coming up but have to very carefully what means I should take to get there. What is the least dangerous? Taking a car service doesn’t make sense because it is al long drive and expensive. What about the subway? You have to be careful with stations. Some are dangerous.

Uber Changed New York

Then how about the bus? The regular bus, forget it. Aside from the fact it will take a very long time, buses are overcrowded, even in the Pandemic, and you can run into some surly characters spot you and follow you out of the bus. Then there is the express bus. It goes faster with fewer stops but is more expensive. You can still find yourselves in the cross hair of a person up to no good. You might notice I didn’t list cab. This is because they are few and far between these days. Uber and others have caused that.

A Solution Outside of the Box

So what then? I am going to find out if I can meet with the doctor remotely. Makes sense, right? This is after all Home Business DIGITAL!

Force within Force without?

Whatever Needs You Have

Home Business Digital is unfolding, and like many new things that are growing, it can be painful. You see Home Business Digital is connected to a large network of participants, each with a different role to play. In the case of Home Business Digital, its part in a larger mission, is to create for you the digital tools YOU need for whatever needs you may have.

Climb the Hill

As you know, you have forces within as well as external hills to travel up. Our hope is that by giving you the physical and abstract devices you need, it will make your trip easier. And we are here to support you whatever is keeping you from crashing through the wall.

Take a Deep Breath

What are you doing with your home business? Are you early in your journey, or have you been bashing your head against the mirror for some time? You see your reflection standing in the way. Do you destroy the looking glass to make your way forward? No of course not. You set it down and out of the way, then take a deep breath and proceed!